Praying Mantis on Stucco


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I like the way your stucco

I like the way your stucco came out, too. Our last previous home was a townhouse with an ersatz stucco exterior. The builder had it blown on -- paint and small pieces of hard foam to make the T-111 paneling look like stucco. Where the paint was thin, so was the "stucco."

But we've come up in the world: a neighborhood of single-family units with vinyl siding made to look like old, New England small-town wood homes.

I agree: pictures are an easy way to get your post on. I find I come back from vacations ready to post pictures. The rest of the post usually comes easily enough by way of explaining the pictures.

Posted by Peter S. on July 6, 2008 3:00 PM
Peter, there are times when

Peter, there are times when I really appreciate our house that is 135 years old. And especially when I can find a crafts person who still applies craft to their trade. [I thought I read somewhere that it is officially okay grammatically to use "their" in order to fudge gender in cases where a "his" or a "her" used to be required. Did I make that up? Do tell, oh high school English teacher.] Maybe I'll post more images of our house.

Posted by Shai Gluskin on July 6, 2008 10:16 PM