Day 16: The Limits of "It's all good"


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Hi Shai, I am also really

Hi Shai,
I am also really into the Omer and so enjoying yours. For some years I have been wanting to do a Mt. Airy Omer Counter, with images of the progression of the blossoming/flowering, each one in sequence. The progression is always the same, though of course the actual counting can vary by several weeks.
Maybe next year we can do this together? Interested?
It could be electronic as well as a limited edition print.
I got started this year taking photos and then missed a week and got discouraged.
Gorgeous photo for Day 16!

Posted by Betsy - MoneyChangesTHings on May 7, 2008 9:06 AM
Thanks for this -- good

Thanks for this -- good timing again. I came home yesterday after a busy week. I had dinner covered, and -- unusual for me -- I had about an hour before the family came home. My mind raced over all the things I could jam into that hour. On a hunch, though, I decided to simply wait for Victoria by pacing and looking out the window.

It was hard at first. Then time slowed. It was my first experience of waiting for something in a while. For a few minutes, I felt young again.

(It was a good thing, too. The carpet people called later and announced their intention to install today. Without having planned on it, we spent last night moving books, clothing, and furniture.)

Posted by Peter S. on May 10, 2008 11:26 PM