More on Day 15, Hesed in Tiferet

Submitted by Shai Gluskin on April 28, 2006 12:12 AM

I see tiferet (glory, beauty, majesty) in this context as the magisterial, benevolent well-intentioned but bureaucratic and sometimes bad authority. Kabbalah associates Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu that aspect of God that functions as a flawed humanly character in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) with tiferet. Hesed is pure love and commitment. Danny Matt writes of Hesed's "activities" as "including Gevurah within itself in order to execute judgment tinged with love." (The Essential Kabbalah p. 44.) My intention in participating in the rally gets some edge and energy from Gevurah. But that is dominated by Hesed's purity and simplicity.

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